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with Agreenum's commitment management platform. From interpersonal affairs to important professional matters, Agreenum ensures commitments, reinforces trust, and elevates accountability

Your Agreenum in just a few steps:


The Agreenum is given a title and is explained in a short description. Optionally with link, image or document. Hiding “Surprise” content is also possible!


The most appropriate categories are selected from shortlists and the time frame for the agreement is determined


Contacts are easily added to Agreenum (simply via QR and link function)


After sending the Agreenum, the contact will receive a notification. Fellow participants will be automatically notified before the expiration date. A nudge is possible at any time on both sides

That’s not all Discover even more possibilities.

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Effortless Commitment Management

Agreenum simplifies the management of commitments, whether they're formal contracts among colleagues or personal promises within your family. Say goodbye to the stress of tracking agreements – we've got you covered.

Customized Digital Contracts

Craft commitments tailored to your unique needs with Agreenum. Personalize every aspect of your digital contracts, from titles and terms to multimedia elements and fulfillment timelines.

Seamless Collaboration

Connect effortlessly with all parties involved, ensuring transparency and shared responsibility. Real-time updates and notifications keep you in control, ensuring commitments are met with trust and accountability.

Effortless Organization & Categorization

Whether they are informal arrangements, formal agreements or other types, Agreenum allows you to clearly categorize and organize your obligations, ensuring they are always at hand when needed.

Personalized Stamp Designs

Take personalization to the next level by crafting unique designs for each commitment. Choose from a variety of fun icons and symbols to make your agreements truly memorable.

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